Granary Burying Ground: patriots at rest in Boston

What is so special about the Granary Burying Ground? It is the final resting place of many famous patriots that have contributed to this country’s history. When you visit the Granary Burying Ground, you should not expect anything else other than tombstones and memorials. Though the place can be creepy, what with all the different headstone images, it is still a place steeped with history. You will find the headstones of numerous Revolutionary-era patriots. As you enter the Granary Burying Ground, you will go through a massive front gate. Admission is free.

There you will find the graves of John Hancock, Samuel Adams, and Robert Treat Paine. These three have signed the Declaration of Independence. Other headstones you can find at Granary Burying Ground are those for the parents of Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, and Peter Faneuil. Here are also the burial places for all the Boston Massacre victims. Richard Bellingham, James Bowdoin, William Dummer, James Sullivan, the Lydes, Wendells, Byfields, and the Checkleys, along with Increase Summer, William Eustis, Uriah Cotting, Judge Samuel Sewall, James Otis Jr., John Hull and Thomas Cushing are also buried here.

Granary Burial Place was once called the South Burying Ground. This is because before Boston became as it is now, the burial place was south of the settlements. As the place grew, the burial place was named Middle Burying Ground. The current name of the burial ground came from the storage building for grains that used to stand in the place of Park Street Church before.

The whole place is protected by an iron fence. The gateway is located in the center of the enclosure. The place is riddled with beautiful trees making the burying ground somewhat picturesque. The paths around the burying ground are narrow and winding as well. The graves and tombs are somber. The pictures and images carved on the tombstones are also worth examination. If you really want to know about the history of these images, you will find interesting Boston religious beliefs of old.

As mentioned, admission is free. It is also very accessible for handicapped individuals. As for what hours the Granary Burying Ground opens, you have to call their number or visit the official web site of the city of Boston.

You can get to Granary Burying Ground by looking for Park Street Church as the two are across each other. Granary Burying Ground is situated on Tremont Street. It is at the head of Boston’s Bromfield Street. Aside from the notables buried here along with the victims f the tragic Boston massacre, people who have been victims of plague and fire are also buried at Granary Burying Ground. Also, the first victims of the revolutionary war are buried here.

There is also a lot of speculation as to which other notable personas in the US are buried here. One recurring speculation is that Granary Burying Ground is the burial place of Mother Goose. This is yet to be proven though. But no matter, visit Granary Burying Ground and honor all those buried there.

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